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Ex Henry Platt Hall Collection – Finest of Four Known
Published in Kraay’s Aes Coinage of Galba


Galba. AD 68-69. Æ Sestertius (35mm, 25.89 g, 6h). Rome mint, 2nd officina. July AD 68 - January AD 69. IMP SER GALBA CAES • AVG PON M TR P, laureate head right / CO NCORD AVG, S C across field, Concordia, draped, seated left, holding branch in right hand and transverse scepter cradled in left arm. RIC I 343; ACG 91a (A7/P9 – this coin, illustrated); BMCRE p. 318, note * (this coin referenced); BN 167 (same dies). Good VF, even brown patina, a few areas of minor roughness, flan crack. Bold portrait. Extremely rare, with only two other examples in CoinArchives. The finest of four published.

Ex Schweizerischer Bankverein 28 (17 September 1991), lot 453; Henry Platt Hall Collection (Part II, Glendining, 16 November 1950), lot 1113; Egger (20 April 1904), lot 40.