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ATTICA, Athens. Circa 165-42 BC. AR Tetradrachm (30mm, 16.87 g, 12h). New Style coinage. Antiochos, Nikog–, and Nikon–, magistrates. Struck 131/0 BC. Helmeted head of Athena Parthenos right / Owl standing right, head facing, on amphora; A-ӨE above ANTI-OXOΣ/ NIKOΓ/ NIKΩ/N(monogram) (magistrates’ names) in four lines across field; to right, elephant standing right; B on amphora, ΣΩ below; all within wreath. Thompson 396/397c (for obv./rev. dies); HGC 4, 1635. Near EF, toned, minor die breaks in field on obverse. Very unusual with monogram in names.

The monogram (of KH?) is thought to be a patronymic or demotic for the third magistrate.