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KINGS of CHARACENE. Hyspaosines. Circa 127-124 BC. AR Tetradrachm (31mm, 15.57 g, 12h). Posthumous issue under Apodakos. Charax-Spasinu mint. Dated SE 191 (122/1 BC). Diademed head right / BAΣIΛEΩΣ down right, [Y]ΣΠAOΣINOY down left, Herakles seated left on rock, holding club on knee; monogram to outer left, AϘP (date) in exergue. Assar fig. 17; Alram 491; De Morgan 1 and pl. XL, 1 var. (date listed as SE 188, but illustration SE 190); Sunrise –. VF, a few cleaning marks. Very rare.