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Oath-Taking Scene


Ti. Veturius. 137 BC. AR Denarius (18.5mm, 3.96 g, 12h). Rome mint. Draped bust of Mars right, wearing crested Italo-Corinthian helmet, ornamented on each side with a feather or aigrette; TI • (VE) downward to left, X (mark of value) to left between end of crest and back of neck / Oath-taking scene: Youth kneeling left, looking right between two soldiers, each of whom holds a spear in left hand and sword in right that touches a pig held by the youth; ROMA above. Crawford 234/1; Sydenham 527; Veturia 1; BMCRR Italy 550-4; 186 (this coin). Choice EF, lightly toned.

Ex Alba Longa (Jose Fernandez Molina) Collection; Numismatica Ars Classica 11 (29 April 1998), lot 182.