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Ex American Numismatic Society and Leggett Collections


SICILY, Selinos. Circa 455-440 BC. AR Didrachm (22mm, 8.67 g, 12h). Herakles, nude, standing right, holding club overhead in right hand, preparing to strike the Cretan Bull, standing right in background, which he holds by a horn with his left hand; ΣE-ΛI-ИOT-I-OИ around / River god Hypsas, nude, standing left, holding branch in left hand and phiale in right from which he sacrifices over serpent-entwined altar to left; to right, selinon leaf above heron walking right; [HYΨ-AΣ above]. HGC 2, 1224; SNG ANS 709 (same dies); SNG Lloyd 1265 (same dies); Gillet 496 = Kunstfreund 102 (same dies); Kraay & Hirmer 187; Rizzo pl. XXXI, 17 (same obv. die). EF, lovely old cabinet toning, a couple die breaks.

Ex Hirsch 264 (25 November 2009), lot 81; Duplicates from the American Numismatic Society Collection (Gemini V, 6 January 2009), lot 338 (ANS acc. no. 1997.9.131); John D. Leggett, Jr. Collection (†1997); Hess-Leu [3] (27 March 1956), lot 144.