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Rare Early Nero Denarius


Nero. As Caesar, AD 50-54. AR Denarius (18.5mm, 3.52 g, 8h). Rome mint. Struck under Claudius, AD 51. NERO CLAVD CAES DRVSVS GERM PR[INC IVVENT], bareheaded and draped young bust left / SACERD COOPT IN OMN CONL SVPRA NVM EX S C, on left, simpulum above tripod; on right, lituus above patera. RIC I 77 (Claudius); von Kaenel Type 52 (unlisted dies); Lyon 87 (Claudius, Lugdunum – unlisted dies); RSC 312; BMCRE 87 (Claudius); BN 93 (Claudius, Lugdunum). Toned. Choice EF. Rare. Excellent silver quality for issue. Wonderful portrait of young Nero.

Ex Triton XXI (9 January 2018), lot 718.

Nero’s early portraits as heir-apparent, including this denarius issued under Claudius, depict him as a relatively slender youth. After attaining the throne, his continual overindulgence manifested itself on his physique and countenance, which Rome’s coin and sculptural artists faithfully recorded.