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Ex Chabenat Collection – Pedigreed to 1911


Claudius, with Agrippina Junior. AD 41-54. AV Aureus (17mm, 7.57 g, 5h). Lugdunum (Lyon) mint. Struck AD 51. Laureate head of Claudius right / AGRIPPINΛE AVGVSTΛE, draped bust of Agrippina right, wearing wreath of grain ears and hair in long plait taken up, two locks falling loosely down neck. RIC I 80; von Kaenel Type 50, 790.952 (V673/R691 – this coin); Lyon 82 (unlisted dies); Calicó 396a; BMCRE 72-4; BN 76-81; Biaggi 215-6; Jameson 45; Mazzini 3. A few hairlines and surface marks. Near VF.

From the Provence Collection. Ex Chabenat Collection (Part II, Bourgey 9, 14 December 1911), lot 343.