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Clio – Muse of History


Q. Pomponius Musa. 56 BC. AR Denarius (17.5mm, 3.85 g, 9h). Rome mint. Laureate head of Apollo right; volumen to left / Clio, the Muse of History, wearing long flowing tunic and peplum, standing left, holding and reading from an open scroll, resting left elbow on draped column; Q • POMPONI downward to right, M’VSA downward to left. Crawford 410/3; Sydenham 813; Pomponia 11; RBW 1485. Attractive cabinet toning with traces of underlying luster, obverse struck slightly off center. EF.

Ex Triton IX (10 January 2006), lot 1299; William C. Boyd Collection (Baldwin’s 42, 26 September 2005), lot 152 (part of), purchased from Spink, 8 August 1896.

Clio, the Muse of History, is depicted in most representations holding and reading aloud from a scroll. She is one of nine Muses, all daughters of Zeus/Jupiter by the Titaness Mnemosyne. In her role as the proclaimer and glorifier of great deeds, she has become the symbol and namesake of many modern organizations, companies, and brands, including the Clio Awards for excellence in advertising.