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The Temple of Venus at Eryx


C. Considius Nonianus. 56 BC. AR Denarius (17mm, 3.88 g, 5h). Rome mint. Laureate and draped bust of Venus Erycina right, wearing stephane and earring; C • CONSIDI • NONIANI downward to left, S • C upward to right / Temple on summit of rocky mountain surrounded by wall with towers on each side and gate in center; ERVC above gate. Crawford 424/1; Sydenham 886; Considia 1; FFC 586 (this coin). Lustrous surfaces, with exceptional detail. In NGC encapsulation 4284628007, graded MS 5/5 - 3/5.

Ex Alba Longa (Jose Fernandez Molina) Collection.

Describing Mt. Eryx and its temple complex, the Greek historian Polybius of Megalopolis writes: On its summit, which is flat, stands the temple of Venus Erycina, which is indisputably the first in wealth and general magnificence of all the Sicilian holy places. The city extends along the hill under the actual summit, the ascent to it being very long and steep on all sides. World History, 1.55