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Civil War. AD 68-69. AR Denarius (18.5mm, 3.60 g, 7h). Uncertain mint in Southern Gaul. Group IV, AD 69. I O M CAPITOLINVS, bust of Jupiter, showing bare chest and left shoulder with mantle, head diademed, bearded left; to left, palm frond / VESTA P R QVIRITIVM, Vesta, veiled and draped, seated left on throne, holding patera in right hand and torch in left. RIC I 125a; AM 96; RSC 432; BMCRE 72; BN 78-9. Superb old cabinet tone. Good VF. Very rare.

Ex Nelson Bunker Hunt Collection (Part IV, Sotheby’s, 19 June 1991), lot 707; Dr. E. P. Nicolas Collection (Kampmann, 9 March 1982), lot 214.