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Domitian. As Caesar, AD 69-81. AV Aureus (18mm, 7.42 g, 6h). Rome mint. Struck under Vespasian, AD 77-78. CAESAR AVG F DOMITIANVS, laureate head right / COS V in exergue, Parthian kneeling right, extending left hand and holding out signum, with vexillum attached, in right. RIC II 959 (Vespasian); Calicó 819; BMCRE 231-3 (Vespasian); BN 205-6 (Vespasian); Biaggi 396-7. Toned, shallow scratch on obverse. Near EF.

From the Provence Collection.

This reverse type repeats an issue of Augustus struck by several moneyers circa 19/8 BC (RIC 288) celebrating the recovery of the standards lost to the Parthians by Crassus in 53 BC at the battle of Carrhae. The return of the standards (SIGNIS RECEPTIS) featured prominently in Augustan propaganda as a diplomatic and military triumph. The Flavian rulers frequently reused Augustan imagery on their coinage, seeking to legitimize their dynasty by association.