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Shield of Virtue, Civic Crown


Augustus. 27 BC-AD 14. AR Denarius (18mm, 3.83 g, 6h). Spanish mint (Colonia Patricia?). Struck 19-18 BC. CAESAR AVGVSTVS, bare head right / OB CIVIS above, SERVATOS below, oak wreath enclosing round shield inscribed S • P • Q • R/CL • V in two lines. RIC I 79a; RSC 215; BMCRE 381-2 = BMCRR Rome 4393-4; BN 1144-9. Lustrous, somewhat irregular flan. EF.

Ex Heritage 3030 (5 January 2014), lot 23919.

The reverse of this attractive denarius depicts both the Clippus Virtutis, or "shield of Valor," and the Corona Civica, or "Civic Crown," both voted by the Senate to honor Augustus as the savior of the state.