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Diva Paulina. Died before AD 235. Æ Sestertius (28mm, 18.76 g, 12h). Consecration issue. Rome mint. 2nd emission of Maximinus I, AD 236. DIVA PAVLINA, veiled and draped bust right / C ONSECRATIO, S C across lower field, Paulina, raising her right hand and holding scepter with left, seated left on peacock flying upward to right. RIC IV 3 (Maximinus I); BMCRE 129-31 (Maximinus I); Banti 3. Lovely olive green patina, a touch of obverse roughness. Good VF.

Ex Jack A. Frazer Collection; Michael Weller Collection (Classical Numismatic Group 67, 22 September 2004), lot 1661; Triton III (30 November 1999), lot 1137.