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CYPRUS, Salamis. Nikodamos. Circa 460-450 BC. AR Stater (21mm, 11.17 g, 1h). Ram couchant right; above, oinochoe above pa-si-le-wo (in Cypriot); se-ni-ko-ta-mo (in Cypriot) below / Head of ram left; pa-si | ni-ko (in Cypriot) above, ankh-like symbol and olive branch below. Masson & Amandry p. 33, pl. II, 4–5 = Kunstfreund 169 = Gillet 1169 var. (on reverse, barley grain rather than legend above, no ankh-like symbol below); otherwise unpublished. Lightly toned. Good VF. Well centered. Apparently unique.

Ex Dr. Albert Potts Collection (Roma XVI, 26 September 2018), lot 358.