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GERMANY, Braunschweig-Wolfenbüttel. Rudolf August and Anton Ulrich. 1685-1704. AR Taler (45mm, 5h). Wildman type. Zellerfeld mint. Dated 1691 RB. D G RUD AUG & ANTH VLR DD BR & LUN, coat-of-arms surmounted by five crested helmets; 16 91 and R B flanking shield; diamond and double diamond stops / (star) UT FRONTIBUS ITA FRONDIBUS CONIUNCTISSIMI, pair of wildmen, each looking at the other, standing facing, each holding pair of crossed trees. Welter 2068B; Davenport 6393. In PCGS encapsulation, 38794404, graded AU58 Gold Shield. Well struck with iridescent toning.