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GERMANY, Hamburg. AV 10 Dukat Medal (41mm, 36.61 g, 12h). Restoration of the Spire of the Hauptkirche St. Petri, Destroyed in the Great Fire of Hamburg, 7 May 1842. By J. Lorenz. Dually dated 1842 and 1878. View of the Hauptkirche St. Petri, seen in perspective and set on entablature; J. LORENZ F. on entablature; 7. MAI.1842. 1878. in two lines in exergue / HERR/WOHIN SOLLEN/WIR GEHEN/DU HAST WORTE/DES/EWIGEN LEBENS. in six lines; EV. JOH. C. 6. V. 68. in exergue. Gaedechens Suppl. 2183. In PCGS encapsulation, 36683819, graded SP62 Gold Shield. Light hairlines.