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STUART. Charles I. 1625-1649. Reproduction AR Crown (43mm, 29.78 g, 5h). City view type. Oxford mint Dies by T. Rawlins. Dated 1644. (rosette) CAROLVS : D : G : MAG : BRIT : FRAN : ET · HIBER · REX, Charles on horseback left, holding sword and reigns; below, OXON and view of Oxford / (floral spray) DEVS (floral spray) DISSIPENTVR (floral spray) INIMICI (floral spray) EXVRGAT, RELIG • PROT • LEG/ ANG • LIBER • PARL between floral scrolls; three crowns and V above, 1644 and OXON below. For original: Morrieson, Oxford A/1; Brooker 876; North 2407; SCBC 2948. Toned, flan crack. VF. Cast (?) copy of this famous type.

Ex Mark Freehil Collection; W.J. Lawson Collection.

A ‘die duplicate’ of this curious imitation was published in the International Bureau for the Suppression of Counterfeit Coins Bulletin, Vol. 3, No. 4 (Winter 1978). That specimen was described as ‘struck’ and ‘probably the work of a nineteenth century forger’. Like our coin the specimen published in the ISBCC Bulletin has striking splits which are anomalous for a cast coin. However both the ISBCC coin and this coin lack the sharpness of detail to be expected from a struck coin. From the small corpus of genuine specimens of this celebrated type it has been impossible to trace the the original coin from which these forgeries were cast, if indeed they were.