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STUART. James I. 1603-1625. AR Shilling (21mm, 5.79 g, 11h). Third coinage. Tower (London) mint; im: lis. Struck 1623-1624. (lis) IACOBVS D : G : MAG BRI : FRA : ET HI : REX, crowned 6th bust right; XII to left / (lis) QVÆ DEVS CONIVNXIT NEMO SEPARET, coat-of-arms; plumes above. North 2125; SCBC 2669. Rich old cabinet toning with a few small marks underneath. Good VF. Rare and with an excellent pedigree.

Ex Spink Numismatic Circular LXXX.7-8 (July–August 1972), no. 7451; L.E. Bruun (Sotheby, Wilkinson, & Hodge, 18 May 1922), lot 708 (illustrated pl. XVIII).