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JUDAEA, Bar Kochba Revolt. 132-135 CE. AR Sela – Tetradrachm (25mm, 14.52 g, 1h). Dated year 2 (133/4 CE). Façade of the Temple at Jerusalem; showbread table within, cross above, “Jerusalem” (in Hebrew) around / Bundle of lulav; etrog to left, “Y(ear) 2 of the freedom of Israel” (in Hebrew) around. Mildenberg 15.8 (O4/R8; this coin); Meshorer 230a (same dies as illustration); Hendin 6416; Bromberg 83 (same dies); Shoshana I 20262 (same obv. die); Sofaer 31 (same obv. die); Spaer 190. Minor doubling, some roughness. EF.

Ex J. Samel Collection (Künker 334, 17 March 2020), lot 2402 (since cleaned).