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TUDOR. Elizabeth I. 1558-1603. AV Quarter Angel (17mm, 1.30 g, 4h). Fifth issue. Tower (London) mint; im: Latin cross (over Greek cross)/Latin Cross. Struck 1580-1581. † (over +) ELIZABETH : D G ANG : FRANCIE, Archangel Michael slaying dragon to lower right, spear topped by cross fleurée / † ET · HIBERNIE · REGINA · FIDEI ·, ship bearing shield and cross; E and rose flanking cross. Brown & Comber E7; Schneider 776; North 1993; SCBC 2528. A few light marks. Good VF. Rare over-mintmark on obverse.

Ex C. Comber Collection; C. Herriot (Dix, Noonan, & Webb 62, 30 June 2004), lot 78.