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Moneyer issues of Imperatorial Rome. T. Carisius. 46 BC. AR Denarius (17.5mm, 3.71 g, 7h). Rome mint. Head of Juno Moneta right, hair tied in bun behind, wearing cruciform earring and necklace / Implements for coining money: anvil die with garlanded punch die above, tongs and hammer on either side; all within laurel wreath. Crawford 464/2; CRI 70; Sydenham 982a; Carisia 1a; Type as RBW 1614. Light cabinet toning. Good VF. One of the few coins to display the implements used in coin production.

A temple to Juno Moneta (Juno “the Advisor”) was dedicated on the Capitoline Hill in 344 BC and its grounds served as Rome’s first mint. The association between this temple and the minting of coinage was such that the English words “mint,” “money,” and “monetary” derive from “moneta.”