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Civil War. AD 68-69. AR Denarius (18mm, 4.12 g, 5h). ‘S P Q R Group’. Uncertain mint in Gaul or Rhine Valley. Struck May-December AD 68. [PACI] AVGVSTAE , Pax-Nemesis, winged, standing right, holding winged caduceus in left hand and holding out fold of drapery with her right, snake at feet / S P Q R enclosed within oak wreath, jewel at top. BMC 26 and pl. 50, 14; Martin 81 and pl. 8, 81 L = Nicolas 63 and pl. II, 63 BR = RIC 56 (same dies); CG 106.1 (this coin). Deeply toned, minor areas of weakness. Good VF. Extremely rare; one of two known specimens, and by far the finest.

Ex Christian Gollnow Collection; Künker 182 (14 March 2011), lot 590.