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BOEOTIA, Thebes. Circa 363-338 BC. AR Stater (24mm, 12.11 g, 11h). Kalli–, magistrate. Boeotian shield / Amphora; KA-ΛΛI across field; all within incuse concave circle. Hepworth 63; BCD Boiotia 555; HGC 4, 1334. Minor die rust, flan flaw on reverse. Near EF.

The staters of the Boiotian Confederacy of the 4th century are well known to numismatists. These staters, struck on the Aiginetic standard, bear on the obverse the usual Boiotian shield and on the reverse an amphora, with the addition of magistrate names and, on occasion, vines hanging from the handles or extra symbols around the amphora. Although the coins do not bear the mark of an issuing city, Thebes, as hegemon of the Boiotian Confederacy, was most likely responsible for their issuance. In his study of the series, “The 4th Century BC Magistrate Coinage of the Boiotian Confederacy,” Numismatica Khronika (1998), R. Hepworth has identified 44 different magistrates and 97 separate varieties. The series begins in the early years of the 4th century and ends at the Battle of Khaironeia in 338 BC.