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598554. SOLD $1450

OSTROGOTHS. Theoderic. 493-526. Æ 40 Nummi – Follis (24mm, 14.71 g, 12h). Municipal issue. Class 3. Rome mint, 5th officina. INVICT A ROMA, helmeted and draped bust of Roma right / Eagle standing left, head right, wings spread; XL (value) to left; · Є · in exergue. COI 76b; MEC 1, 102-3; MIB I 74a; BMC Vandals 18; Demo 42. Green patina, minor roughness. EF. An attractive example of the type.

Ex DMS Collection, purchased from Glenn W. Woods, January 2006.

In AD 493, the Ostrogoth Theoderic was sent by the East Roman Emperor Zeno to remove the then-ruler of Italy, the Skiric Odovacer (who had had dismissed the last Roman emperor of the West), and to then serve as Zeno’s imperial representative there. While the Ostrogoths were technically subordinates of the eastern emperor, they were, in reality, the de facto rulers of the Italian peninsula. The Ostrogothic bronze coinage is a curious throwback to Republican Roman types, depicting the goddess Roma on the obverse and various symbols of civic Rome, including the eagle (seen here) and the wolf-and-twins; denominationally, they mirrored the Byzantine bronze coinage reform of Anastasius, with the largest denomination tariffed at 40 nummi (marked in Latin numerals XL) and commonly termed a follis.