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The Cabbage Society


HANOVER. Cabbage Society. 1814. Brassed Plated CU Pass Token (38mm, 27.45 g, 12h). Soho (Birmingham) mint?. CABBAGE SOCIETY (star), head of cauliflower / Large 1814 within laurel and palm wreath. Edge: center \\\\\. Davis and Waters 113/103-4; Withers, Token 3 1755. Toned, a couple of small marks on obverse. EF.

Little is known about this early society or club, but it is presumed to have a Jewish connection. There are three slightly earlier tokens, a penny dated 1796 and a halfpenny and farthing dated 1780 which also bear this curious device and name. However, on these earlier three is the word 'PURIM' which possibly inicates that the Cabbage Society was a Jewish organisation.

Curiously, however, the device illustrated on our medal is a cauliflower. It is possible that it may have a connection with a society of tradesmen who met in a room on Paternoster Row, where a cabbage was painted on the ceiling.