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C. Poblicius Q.f. 80 BC. AR Serrate Denarius (20mm, 4.09 g, 10h). Rome mint. Draped bust of Roma right, wearing helmet ornamented with griffin’s head, and at each side a feather; D above, ROMA to left / Hercules, naked, standing left, and strangling the Nemean Lion; club on ground at his feet, bow case to left, P above left, C • POBLICI • Q • F to right. Crawford 380/1; Sydenham 768; Poblicia 9; Kestner –; BMCRR Rome 2899; RBW –. Light iridescent toning, traces of deposits and die rust, tiny hairline flan crack. Choice EF. Bold reverse.

Ex Numismatica Ars Classica 15 (18 May 1998), lot 113.