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NORMAN. Henry I. 1100-1135. AR Penny (21mm, 1.39 g, 10h). Double Inscription type (BMC xi). Hereford mint; Ravenswert, moneyer. Struck circa 1115. [...] E(NR) II, crowned and draped bust left, holding cross-tipped scepter; two quatrefoils to left / + REV[...]SPE/+ RT ON HERE, small cross pattée; quatrefoils-in-annulets in outer legend. Pimprez 7 = Allen, The Mints and Moneyers of England and Wales 1066-1158: Addenda and Corrigenda,” in BNJ (2012), p. 90 (this coin); SCBI –; BMC –; North 867; SCBC 1272. Lightly toned, areas of weak strike, official edge snick. VF. Much as struck on a neat round flan. Extremely rare – one of only two known examples of this type for Hereford, and the sole example of this moneyer.

Ex 2002 Pimprez (Oise) Hoard (Spink 170, 6 October 2004), lot 391.