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Scarce James I Quarter Laurel


STUART. James I. 1603-1625. AV Quarter Laurel (20.5mm, 2.28 g, 4h). Third coinage, crown gold. Tower (London) mint; im: lis. Struck 1623-1624. (lis) IACOBVS D : G : MAG : BRI : FRA : ET HI : REX, laureate, draped, and armored bust left; V (mark of value) to right; beaded inner circle / HENRIC 9 ROSAS REGNA (lis) IACOB9, crowned coat-of-arms over long cross fourchée. Schneider 98 var. (legends); North 2118; SCBC 2642B. Warm rose toning. VF. Well centered on a broad flan. Scarce variety.

Ex Classical Numismatic Review XLL.1 (Winter 2017), no. 447000; Baldwin’s 101 (28 September 2016), lot 3204.