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Small Cross/Crux Mule


ANGLO-SAXON, Kings of All England. Aethelred II. 978-1016. AR Penny (20.5mm, 1.67 g, 3h). Intermediate Small Cross/Crux type mule (BMC iii, Hild Cb). Winchester mint; Beorhtsige, moneyer. Struck circa 995-997. Diademed and draped bust left / + BУRHSIGE M–O PIN, voided short cross; C R V X in angles. Harvey 542a (dies Z/s – this coin); North p. 159, n. 312; SCBC 1150/1148. Worn reverse die. Small edge split. Pecks. Toned. VF. Rare.

Ex Captain "Peter" Arnot (Buckland, Dix, and Wood, 21 March 1995), lot 134; Glendining (14 March 1973), lot 1; 1972 Stryiewo Wielke Hoard.