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CALABRIA, Tarentum. Circa 315-302 BC. AR Nomos (21mm, 7.85 g, 11h). Warrior, nude, preparing to cast spear held aloft in right hand, holding two spears and shield with left hand, on horse rearing right; monogram to right, API below / Phalanthos, nude, holding kantharos in extended right hand and cradling rudder in left arm, riding dolphin left; A to upper left, TA-PAΣ to right. Fischer-Bossert Group 74a, 907 (V355/R705); Vlasto 643 (same obv. die); HN Italy 939. Underlying luster, some die rust on obverse, flan flaw and die wear on reverse. EF. Well centered and struck from dies of fine style.