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KINGS of ELYMAIS. Kamnaskires III, with Anzaze. Circa 82/1-73/2 BC. AR Tetradrachm (29mm, 15.99 g, 12h). Seleukeia on the Hedyphon mint. Dated SE 233 (80/79 BC). Conjoined busts of Kamnaskires III, diademed and draped bust and wearing long beard and torque, and Anzaze, draped and wearing stephane and necklace, left; anchor symbol to right / IΛCIΛEΩI above, [KΛM]NNΛCKII[OY] to right, KΛI IΛCIΛIC[CHC] to left, ΛNZ[Λ]ZHC below, Zeus-Belos enthroned left, holding in outstretched right hand Nike, standing right and holding wreath, and scepter in left; MAKEΔΩN to inner left; quadrate Cs in legend. van't Haaff Type 7.1.1-1-2 (date unlisted); Alram 454 (date unlisted); Sunrise –. Light cleaning marks, scratch under chin, areas of weak strike. EF. Rare without the tooling or smoothing normally seen on this issue.

The Kingdom of Elymais flourished as an autonomous sub-monarchy to the Seleukid and Parthian Kingdoms along the upper portion of the Persian Gulf, modern Khuzestan, Iran, from circa 188 BC to AD 222. The name derives from the ancient Biblical name for the region, Elam. Its earliest ruling dynasty, the Kamnaskirids, produced an intriguing coinage blending Hellenistic and Parthian elements. This attractive tetradrachm of Kamnaskires III depicts him alongside his wife, Anzaze, both of whom are named on the reverse as king and queen; both also sport royal diadems, indicating they ruled jointly.