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Charming Petit Royal d’or


FRANCE, Royal. Philippe IV le Bel (the Fair). 1285–1314. AV Petit royal d’or (19mm, 3.51 g, 2h). Authorized August 1290. PhILIPPVS DЄI GRACIA, Philippe enthroned facing on lion head throne, holding lis-tipped scepter and lis / + FR ACO RVm RЄX, cross feuillue and fleuronnée; lis in quarters. Duplessy 207; Ciani 193; Friedberg 255. Beautifully struck, lightly toned with underlying luster. In NGC encapsulation 6496498-001, graded MS 63. A superb specimen. The highest graded example at either NGC and PCGS.

Ex Ferdinand David collection.

Struck at the weight of the florin of Florence and tariffed at 10 sous tournois, the introduction of the charming Petit Royal d’or in c. 1290 marks the successful establishment of a French gold coinage.