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ANGLO-SAXON, Kings of All England. Edward the Confessor. 1042-1066. AR Penny (18mm, 1.14 g, 3h). Trefoil Quadrilateral type (BMC iii, Hild. C). York mint; Ioli, moneyer. Struck circa 1046-1048. + EDPER : RD RE+ :, diademed and draped bust left; scepter pommée to left; trefoil of pellets to left / + IOLA ON EOFERPICC ·, quadrilateral, with pellet in center and trefoils at angles, over voided short cross. Freeman 193; SCBI 2 (Hunterian), 1018 (same dies); Hild –; BMC –; North 817 var. (trefoil on obv.); SCBC 1174 var. (same). Richly toned. Good VF. Very rare variety.

Ex Dr. J. Hulett (Part II, Dix, Noonan, & Webb 143, 12 December 2017), lot 688.