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NORMAN. William I 'the Conqueror'. 1066-1087. AR Penny (19.5mm, 1.31 g, 8h). Canopy type (BMC iii). Wallingford mint; Brandr, moneyer. Struck circa 1070-1072. + PILLEM A REX, crowned facing bust within canopy of two columns / + BRAND ON PALLINGI, double quadrilateral, with incurved sides, annulet at center, and fleur at each limb. SCBI 20 (Mack) 1386 (same dies); BMC 215; North 843; SCBC 1252. Toned, spot of red wax. Good VF. Struck on a broad flan.

Ex Spink Numismatic Circular XCIX.10 (December 1991), no. 7980 (there as ‘about EF’).