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Sunburst Initial Mark


TUDOR. Henry VIII. 1509-1547. AR Groat (25mm, 2.71 g, 7h). Second coinage. Tower (London) mint; im: sunburst. Struck 1526-1544. (sunburst) hЄnRIC’· VIII’· D’· G’· R’· AGL’· Z · FRΛ’ (saltire stops), crowned bust (Laker D) right / (sunburst) POSVI DЄV’ : Λ DIVTOR Є’: MЄV (double saltire stops), coat-of-arms over long cross fourchée; saltires in forks. Whitton (v), 1; North 1797; SCBC 2337E. Toned, a very light scratch on face. VF. With a clear mintmark. Rare.

Among the scarcer marks on Henry VIII’s silver coinage, the sunburst likely held some special function beyond that of the usual initial marks. It likely commemorates the birth of Henry’s son and successor Edward, born to Jayne Seymour on 12th October 1537 in Hampton Court Palace.