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COMMONWEALTH. Oliver Cromwell. Commander of the New Model Army, 1645-1653. Restrike Oval Uniface AR Medal (21mm, 6.27 g, 12h). The Battle of Dunbar and the Military Reward. After T. Simon. Dated 1650 (though a circa 18th century restrike). · THE LORD OF HOSTS ·/WORD AT/DVNBAR/SEPTEM/Y 3 1650, barehead, draped, and armored bust left; scene of battle in background; T · SIMON · F on truncation of arm / Blank. Lessen, Dunbar, p. 130 and pl. 3, 8 (this medal illustrated); MI 391/13, note; Eimer 181, Type b.2 and note. Toned, die breaks and die rust. Good VF.

Ex North Yorkshire Moors Collection [M. Lessen] (Part IV, Dix Noonan Webb 186, 21 January 2021) lot 1291; R.C. and O.M.W. Warner Collection, R.E. Ockenden Collection [from O.M.W.W. 1964], bt R.E.O.