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Ex Merzbacher and Ratto Sales, Pedigreed to 1908


IONIA, Smyrna. Hadrian. AD 117-138. AR Cistophorus (28mm, 10.98 g, 6h). Struck AD 128-138. HADRIANVS AVGVSTVS P P, bare head right / COS III, two Nemeses, draped, standing facing, vis-à-vis, each holding out fold of drapery; the left holds a bridle, the right a cubit rule. Metcalf, Cistophori, type 32, 143 (O21/R29 – this coin); RPC III 1361; RSC 326; SNG von Aulock 6627. Old cabinet toning, minor porosity and marks, slightly off center obverse. Good VF. Hints of uncertain under type visible, partial legends faint in fields.

Ex Peter Corcoran Collection; Pegasi BBS 114 (13 July 1999), lot 174; Merzbacher (15 November 1910), lot 1633; Luigi Matteotti di Sassuolo Collection (Ratto, 5 November 1908), lot 910.