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CALABRIA, Tarentum. Circa 240-228 BC. AR Nomos (19.5mm, 16.47 g, 10h). Reduced standard. Kallikrates, magistrate. Warrior, wearing military attire, holding Nike, who crowns him, in extended right hand, on horse rearing right; monogram to upper left, KAΛΛIKPA/THΣ in two lines below / Phalanthos, nude, holding Nike, who crowns him, in extended right hand, and cradling trident in left arm, riding dolphin left; ligate NE to right, TAPAΣ below. Vlasto 965-6; HN Italy 1059; SNG ANS 1262; SNG BN 2061; SNG Lloyd 230; Dewing 316; Gillet 117. Lustrous, a hint of die wear. Superb EF. Fine style dies. Exceptional for issue.

This remarkable nomos celebrates a military victory whose details are lost to us, struck at a time when the city was more or less subject to Rome. The cavalry rider on the obverse is depicted with exquisite detail, enabling us to determine he is likely a senior commander, or epihipparkos, abbreviated in the monogram in the upper left field. He is bearded and wears a short cuirass (linothorax, a modern term) with layered linen strips called pteryges at his waist. His ankle-high boots are equipped with spurs. Tarentum took great pride in its cavalry and honored its riders extensively on their coinage.