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Imposing Portrait of Julian II


Julian II. AD 360-363. AV Solidus (20.5mm, 4.19 g, 6h). Sirmium mint. Struck AD 361-363. FL CL IVLIA NVS PP AVG, pearl-diademed, draped, and cuirassed bust right / VIRTVS EXERCI TVS ROMANORVM, soldier, helmeted and wearing military attire, standing right, head left, holding trophy over left shoulder in left hand and placing right hand on head of kneeling captive to left; *SIRM(wreath). RIC VIII 96; Depeyrot 21/1. Toned, minor spot of die rust on obverse, edge marks. EF.

Ex Collection of a Perfectionist (Leu 93, 10 May 2005), lot 144; Tkalec (23 October 1992), lot 497.