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Commemorating His Persian “Victory”

819460. Sold For $795

EGYPT, Alexandria. Severus Alexander. AD 222-235. BI Tetradrachm (22mm, 12.46 g, 12h). Dated RY 13 (AD 233/4). Laureate, draped, and cuirassed bust right / Trophy; at base to left and right, bound captive; palm to left, LIΓ (date) to right. Köln 2491; Dattari 4404; Milne 3166; Emmett 3138.13. VF, minor roughness.

After the Persian overthrow of the Parthian dynasty in AD 227, Sassanid territorial aspirations were set upon restoring the domains held during the height of the Persian empire. As these lands included some of Rome’s eastern provinces, strife between the two powers continued to escalate. Severus Alexander accompanied his troops eastward during their clashes, but to little avail. Early Sassanid successes were equaled by Rome’s later military experience, and an acceptance of the status quo was adopted rather than a definitive answer to the conflict. The emperor returned to Rome in 233, claiming ‘victory,’ though the exploits were little more than hollow.