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Sale: Nomos 1, Lot: 173. Estimate CHF5000. 
Closing Date: Tuesday, 5 May 2009. 
Sold For CHF4500. This amount does not include the buyer’s fee.

Valentinian II. 375-392. Solidus (Gold, 4.46 g 12), Constantinople, 380. D N VALENTINIANVS P F AVG Diademed, draped and cuirassed bust of Valentinian II to right Rev. CONCORDIA AVGGG. / CONOB Turreted figure of Constantinopolis seated facing on throne, her head turned to right and right foot on prow, holding globe in her right hand and scepter with her left. Depeyrot 30, note. N. Dürr and P. Bastien, “Trésor de Solidi (353-388),” SNG 63, p. 225, 92. RIC -. Extremely rare, the second example known. Good extremely fine.

Ex Leu 72, 12 May 1998, 558.

The unbroken legend on this coin was a convention that indicated the junior status of the person portrayed: Valentinian II was only 9 years old in 380 and thus was not accorded the same respect (with a broken legend) that a more senior emperor received.