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Research Coins: Electronic Auction

213, Lot: 547. Estimate $250.
Sold for $461. This amount does not include the buyer’s fee.

GREEK. Magna Graecia & Sicily. AR of Calabria, Tarentum. All coins: nomoi. Includes: Circa 375/0-370/65 BC. Youth on horseback galloping left; Δ below / Phalanthos riding dolphin left, holding open fillet; X below. Fischer-Bossert group 35, 551 (V222/R420); HN Italy 882 // Circa 365-355 BC. Youth on horseback right; Θ below / Phalanthos riding dolphin left. Fischer-Bossert group 39, 593 (V236’/R454); HN Italy 879 // Circa 365-355 BC. AR Nomos (19mm, 7.62 g, 3h). Youth on horseback galloping right; [Θ below] / Phalanthos riding dolphin left; [Θ above tail]. Fischer-Bossert group 39, 596 (V237/R456’); HN Italy 880 // Circa 280-272 BC. AR Nomos (19mm, 6.28 g, 3h). Warrior on horse cantering left, holding shield and spear; [IΩ behind] / Phalanthos riding dolphin left, holding grapes and distaff; ANΘ behind. Vlasto 793; HN Italy 1013 // Circa 272-240 BC. AR Nomos (18mm, 5.62 g, 1h). Youth on horseback right, crowning horse with wreath; AΓAΘ-[A/PKOΣ] in two lines below / Phalanthos riding dolphin left, holding kantharos and cornucopia; torch behind. Vlasto 852; HN Italy 1028. Fine to VF, some roughness, areas of corrosion, and centering problems. LOT SOLD AS IS, NO RETURNS. Five (5) coins in lot.

From the Colin E. Pitchfork Collection.