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Research Coins: Feature Auction

Sale: Triton V, Lot: 1119. Estimate $1500. 
Closing Date: Wednesday, 16 January 2002. 
Sold For $1800. This amount does not include the buyer’s fee.

LUCANIA, Thourioi. Circa 340-300 BC. AR Nomos (7.83 gm). Helmeted head of Athena left, wearing crested Attic helmet decorated with Skylla holding a rudder; neck guard decorated with a palmette, TIMO behind / QOURIWN in exergue, bull butting right; star and Nike flying above crowning bull. SNG ANS -; SNG Copenhagen -; BMC -; SNG Lloyd -; SNG Lockett -; SNG Fitzwilliam -; Hunterian I pg. 106, 29 var. (same obverse die, no star on reverse). Superb EF. ($1500)

From the William N. Rudman Collection.

Although not published in any of the standard works, several of these have appeared on the market over the last several years, including an example in Triton IV (lot 61) from the same dies and an example in CNG Auction 53 (lot 72) also from the same dies.