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Sale: Triton V, Lot: 1740. Estimate $1000. 
Closing Date: Wednesday, 16 January 2002. 
Sold For $800. This amount does not include the buyer’s fee.

PHRYGIA, Otrus. Geta, as Caesar. 193-209 AD. Æ 27mm (9.55 gm). PO CEPT GETAC KAI, bare-headed and cuirassed bust right / ALEXAN-DR-OC AN-EO[...] OTPONW, Otreus embarking on prow of ship to left, right arm raised, head turned back, holding spear in left hand. Von Aulock, Phrygiens 832 (this coin); SNG von Aulock 3906; Kapossy 44; Cornell 111 (this coin). Good VF, black patina with earthen encrustation around the devices, old scratch on head, adjustment marks on reverse. ($1000)

From the David Simpson Collection. Ex Brand Collection, pt. 7 (Sotheby's, 25 October 1984), lot 393; Von Aulock Collection; Theodore Prowe Collection, pt. II (Egger Auktion XLI, 11 May 1914), lot 1809.

Otrus was one of the five cities of the Eucarpic plain and may have been named Otrus after an emigration from Otroea in Bythinia, which according to Strabo (XII, 566) was founded by Otreus, the king of Phrygia of the time of the Trojan War. The passage about this famous warrior, whom Priam helped fight against the Amazons in a battle on the river Sangarius, in the Iliad (III) is brief but very descriptive: "... When I was in Phrygia I saw many horsemen, the people of Otreus and of Mygdon, who were camping upon the banks of the river Sangarius; I was their ally, and with them when the Amazons, peers of men, came up against them, but even they were not so many as the Achaeans."