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Research Coins: Feature Auction

Sale: Triton V, Lot: 2387. Estimate $300. 
Closing Date: Wednesday, 16 January 2002. 
Sold For $400. This amount does not include the buyer’s fee.

ITALY, Papal States. Pius IX. 1846-1878. Lot of eight Medals featuring Biblical figures or inscriptions, mostly AR 44mm medals. Lot includes the following: Anno I (1846). G, Cerbara, engraver. Capped bust left, wearing ornate robe / Nimbate conjoined busts of SS. Peter and Paul. Rinaldi 41; Mazzio Supp. 655 //ND, circa 1847. AR 44mm Merit Medal. Unsigned, after Girometti. Capped bust right / BENE/MERENTI, in laurel wreath. Rinaldi - // MDCCCL (1850). Muled with Cerbara's bust obverse for the assumption issue / QVEM/SEDE. ROMANA/IMPIE. EXTVRBATVM/PROVINCIA. CAMPANIAE/ INGEMEBAT/FOEDERE. CATHOLICO/REDVCTVM/EXSVLTABVNDA/ GRATATVR, inscription in eight lines. Cf. Rinaldi 41 (same obverse die) // Anno VII (1853). Æ 44mm Medal. Bontiz-Zaccagnini Inc., medallists. Capped bust right, wearing stole / OPTIMO PRINCIPI/AEDES/AERARIO PVBLICO/ NOVITER ADTRIBVTAS/AVCTAS INVISENTI/PR. NON. FEBR./ AN. MDCCCLIII, inscription in seven lines. Cf. Rinaldi 46 (obverse die) // Anno XI (1854)/1856 mule. I. Bianchi, engraver. Capped bust left, wearing stole / NON. IVL./AN. CHR. MDCCCLVI./PIO IX. P. M. AVCTORE/IN. DITIONE PONTIFICIA/FERREAEVIAE COMMODITAS/ROMA TVSCVLVM /PRIMVM INDVCTA/S. P. Q. T./*, inscription in eight lines. Cf. Rinaldi 50 (same obverse die) // Anno XVI (1861). Æ 44mm Annual Medal. G. Voigt, engraver. Obverse similar to preceeding / Daniel in the Lions' Den; laurel at left. Rinaldi 55 var. (Æ); Mazzio Supp. 728 var. // Anno XXXI (1876). AR 44mm Annual Medal. I. Bianchi and F. Bianchi, engravers. Obverse as last / St. Joseph standing before the Church, left, and the Virgin, right; 1871. Rinaldi 70 // Anno XXXII (1877). Bianchi, engraver. Obverse as last / Christ with flock, holding the strayed lamb. Rinaldi 71 var. (Æ). EF-prooflike Uncirculated, most toned, a couple light scratches. LOT SOLD AS IS, NO RETURN. Eight (8) medals in lot. ($300)