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Research Coins: Feature Auction

Sale: Triton V, Lot: 2436. Estimate $1500. 
Closing Date: Wednesday, 16 January 2002. 
Sold For $2300. This amount does not include the buyer’s fee.

Wessex. Alfred the Great. 871-899. AR Penny (1.15 gm). Canterbury or London mint. Dudda, moneyer. +ELFRED M X +, diademed bust right / \MON\ DVDD \ETA\ within lunettes. North 625; BMC Anglo-Saxon II -; Seaby 1057. Darkly toned EF. Rare. ($1500)

Ex Seaby Coin and Medal Bulletin (January/February 1987), no. E66; Dr. Brian Bird Collection (Glendining/Spink, 20 November 1974), lot 91; Albert E. Bagnall Collecion (sold privately); Harry A. Parsons Collection (Sotheby's, 28 October 1929), lot 91; Thomas Bearman Collection (entire collection sold privately to Baldwin's, ca. 1922); Hyman Montagu Collection (Sotheby's, 18 November 1895), lot 549; Samuel Addinton Collection (most of the collection sold en bloc privately to Hyman Montagu in 1883; this coin was included); Rev. John Lewin-Shepperd Collection (Sotheby's, 14 January 1861), lot 102.