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Research Coins: Affiliated Auction

Sale: Nomos 3 & 4, Lot: 1218. Estimate CHF500. 
Closing Date: Monday, 9 May 2011. 
Sold For CHF4000. This amount does not include the buyer’s fee.

THESSALY, Olosson. First half of the 4th century BC. Dichalkon (Bronze, 15mm, 3.42 g 3). Thessalian cavalryman, wearing petasos and chlamys, riding galloping horse to right. Rev. ΟΛΟΣΣΟ - Ν - Ι - ΩΝ Zeus Keraunios striding right, his chlamys over his shoulders, hurling thunderbolt with his right hand and with an eagle on his outstretched left. S. Lavva, Zur Münzprägung von Olosson,, La Thessalie, Actes du Colloque International. Lyon, 1990 (Athens, 1994), p. 315, 2 = fig. 2 (this coin). Extremely rare, the second and best example known. Clear and well-struck with a dark brown patina. About extremely fine.

This coin was struck by the Perrhaiboi in honor of their mint city, Olosson.
A note from BCD: The discovery of this coin in the name of the Olossonians was one of the highlights of my collecting experience. To acquire a totally new coin type with a new legend that makes sense at first glance is indeed a treat for the specialized collector.