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Sale: Nomos 5, Lot: 78. Estimate CHF4000. 
Closing Date: Monday, 24 October 2011. 
Sold For CHF4000. This amount does not include the buyer’s fee.

Holy Roman Empire, Vienna. Leopold I. 1657-1705. Medal (Silver, 55mm, 68 g 12), on the relief of Vienna from the Turks, by A. Meybusch, 1683. LEOPOLDUS.I.D:G:ROM:IMP.SEMP:AUG:TURCARUM.VICTOR Laureate draped and cuirassed three-quarter bust of Leopold to right, wearing the Order of the Golden Fleece and with his cuirass ornamented with a winged thunderbolt; below bust, signature ANTON.MEŸBUSCH.FECIT. Rev. URBEM.SERVASTIS.ET ORBEM Angel, blowing one trumpet and holding another, flying right over the city of Vienna with Turkish horsemen fleeing left, before the charge of the allied cavalry charging left; below, on a scroll, VIENNA.AVSTRIAE.A.TURCIS. / OPPUGNARI.CAEPTA.D:14.IULII / LIBERATA.D:12.SEPT:Ao1683.; to left and right of scroll, ANT: MEŸB; around edge, CAESAR.SARMATA REX.SAXO.BAVARUS.LOTHARINGUS.ASSERTA.DECUS.IMMENSUM.MERUERE.VIENNA.. Hirsch 35, and pl. Iv,35. Horsky 2062. Julius 181. Rare, most attractive and very well preserved . A few very minor marks, otherwise, good extremely fine.

This is a particularly fine and beautifully struck example of a medal struck to commemorate the dispersal of the Turkish army before Vienna in 1683. The engraver, A. Meybusch, was of Dutch origin, though born in Copenhagen, who primarily worked in Denmark and who died in 170. This medal was almost immediately copied by C. Waschmann, but his version is greatly inferior to this one.