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Sale: Nomos 5, Lot: 258. Estimate CHF8500. 
Closing Date: Monday, 24 October 2011. 
Sold For CHF14000. This amount does not include the buyer’s fee.

Constantine II. As Caesar, AD 316-337. Solidus (Gold, 4.52 g 6), Thessalonica, 330-331. CONSTANTINVS IVN NOB C Draped and cuirassed bust of Constantine II Caesar to right, wearing simple diadem. Rev. PRINCIPI IVVENTVTIS / MTS Constantine II, in military dress, standing to left, holding vexillum in his right hand and scepter with his left; to right, two standards. Depeyrot - (but see 14/3 for the parallel issue in the name of Constantius II Caesar). RIC VII - (but see 176 for the parallel issue in the name of Constantius II Caesar). Extremely rare. Sharp, beautifully centered, particularly nice and apparently unpublished. Virtually as struck.

Ex Helios 1, 17 April 2008, 588.

This issue of Constantine II Caesar was unknown before its appearance just a few years ago, and shows how many of the vast numbers of Roman gold coins that were originally produced have since been lost. This coin forms part of an issue produced in Thessalonica in the names of Constantine I, and the Caesars Constantine II and Constantius II. Each had a reverse type that was specifically his own: Constantine had Victory carrying a trophy, Constantine II had Victory carrying a wreath and Constantius II had a view of the young prince with military standards. The present coin combines an obverse of Constantine II (as RIC 178) with a reverse that was properly of Constantius II (RIC 176). This must have occurred because of a mistake in the selection of a reverse die during the minting process. It must have been soon noticed but the authorities probably decided that re-striking the pieces made was not worth the effort and allowed them into circulation: thus resulting in this fascinating rarity.