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Gyrton. Lot of 4 coins.

Triton XV, Lot: 82. Estimate $600.
Sold for $2500. This amount does not include the buyer’s fee.

Lot of 4 coins.

(82.1) THESSALY, Gyrton. Circa 340s-330s BC. AR Hemidrachm (16.5mm, 2.57 g, 3h). Head of nymph Gyrtone facing, turned slightly to the l., her hair bound with a ribbon; border of dots / ΓΥΡ below the exergue line, ΤΩΝ[ΙΩΝ] above, horse l., preparing to roll. See Nomos 4, 1050 (same dies). VF, granular surfaces, has been cleaned and now beginning to tone, old (ancient) gouge and smoothing on obverse, partly double struck on the reverse, very rare.

(82.2) THESSALY, Gyrton. Mid 4th century BC. Æ Dichalkon (19mm, 5.86 g, 10h). ΠΕΙ r. down, head of Ares r., wearing helmet with elaborately depicted tall crest / [Γ]ΥΡΤΩΝΙΩΝ from top r., down circular, head of nymph Gyrtone to r., wearing staphane and pendant earring; behind her neck, ΙΠ. Rogers 230, fig. 106; BMC p. 203, 1a, pl. III, 4a. VF, glossy dark green patina, die flaw on reverse.

It is unlikely that the letters on the obverses and reverses of this coin and of lot 81 above are the markings of engravers; the style difference is too big for attributing them to the same hand. We therefore have mint official ΠΕΙ... and his associate ΙΠ... stating their identities on these dies so that everybody would know that these handsome coins were struck under their tenure. For more such dies see Nomos 4, 1435.5.

(82.3) THESSALY, Gyrton. Late 4th - early 3rd centuries BC. Æ Trichalkon (21mm, 9.50 g, 5h). Bearded and wreathed head of Zeus l., border of dots / ΓΥΡΤ above, ИΩ-ΙИΩ below, horse trotting l., below monogram. Rogers 236 var. and BMC p. 20, 5, pl. III, 6 var. [different letter arrangements and positions below]. Good VF, nice dark green patina, a pleasing coin.

A very interesting observation can be made when examining the reverse of this coin. From about 9 o’clock to about 12 o’clock there are faint traces of the letters ΥΡΤΩ-Ν upwards and circular. This means that the die for this reverse is re-cut on an older die that previously produced coins like lot 78 above.

(82.4) THESSALY, Gyrton. Late 4th - early 3rd centuries BC. Æ Trichalkon (19mm, 8.18 g, 4h). Bearded and wreathed head of Zeus l. / ΓΥΡΤ above, [Ν]ΩΙΝΩ below, horse trotting l., below, monogram. See Nomos 4, 1055.2 var. [ΝΙΩΝ instead of ΩΙΝΩ]; see also CNG e-sale 244 (10 November 2010) 61 var. [the Ρ is reversed]. Good VF, smooth dark green patina, a nice coin.